How to Find and Choose Songs

Need a new song? Don't know where to start?

Need some inspiration?

Start with songs you already love. 

Make a list.

Who are your favorite artists/ composers/ singers/ actors/ shows?

Listen to them.
Listen to other songs written by your favorite composers. 
Listen to your favorite singers for ideas. What else are they singing? Listen to other songs by composers they are singing.

Look in anthologies. For musical theatre song ideas, look in the Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthologies by your voice type.

Use YouTube as a resource. Watch/listen to professional recordings, rather than high school/ college demos.

If you have no idea where to start, (as in, you’re trying to pick a song in a genre you’re not at all familiar with), listen to some of the most successful singers in their field and go from there. 

Start with what you already know and love.  See where that leads you. Go on a scavenger hunt. The internet is an awesome resource for listening.

Some things to consider as you listen and try songs out for size:

- Do I LOVE this song?
- Is this song in a good key for my voice?
- Does it feel good to sing?
- Is it challenging, but within my reach?
- Does this song exceed my current abilities?
- Do I emotionally connect with this song?
- Is this song an appropriate one for the audience I will be singing it to?


If you are unable to get a copy of your music from a library, there are two great options for paid online sheet music (relatively inexpensive):

It’s really important that you pick songs you LOVE LOVE LOVE and have a personal connection with. Your personal connection is what will make your performance interesting to the audience. The deeper the connection, the more interesting and exciting it will be for the audience. And for you!!