Erin Stewart

Release the light from within

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Let me help you unlock your voice and SING

Freely.   Uninhibited.  With joy.   Easily.    



Let's play.




And use your voice in ways you didn't know was possible.








New Students

I work with professionals, enthusiasts, experienced, not as experienced, college students, younger, older……. my only requirement is a passion for singing and a willingness to dive into the deep end. 

My studio is located in Accord, NY in Ulster County and I am also available through Skype.


What I'm like as a teacher

I am very much interested in helping students develop a strong technique and to maintain good vocal health for the demands of an eight-show-week (if that's your goal!) as well as singing in a multitude of styles.

I am extremely passionate about helping singers overcome roadblocks to achieve personal growth and success. Because singing and acting is so personal, a teacher must be aware of a student’s internal struggles as well as their technical ones. I believe one of my strengths lies in the fact that I am able to connect with many different types of people and meet the needs of the personality I am faced with. My approach is not “one size fits all,” but rather one of flexibility, sensitivity and being in the moment.

It is my desire to pass along not only the technical information I have acquired through my years in school, countless voice lessons and coachings, all of the wonderful directors and conductors I have had the pleasure of working with, but also the practical information I learned from the years of being a singing actor in NYC.

And I like to be silly. 




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A typical lesson

We would start with a few stretches and breathing exercises and then the first half of the lesson is devoted to warm-ups and vocalizes.  Then we would work on a song that either you or I have picked out.  We can have short term and long term goals, something we will discuss at the first lesson. There is a studio recital at the end of each semester that I encourage all of my students to participate in.

In addition to vocal technique

As a part of the lessons, all students will work on developing their ear, musicality, presenting a song, audition technique, developing a character, diction and also things like dealing with nerves. If you don't already know how to read music, you can begin to learn how.

Why Multiple Lessons Are Better

Having regular voice lessons yields results.

This is why I make the per lesson sessions within the packages less expensive to encourage students to sign up for multiple lessons. By making the financial commitment, you make the commitment to yourself and to your instrument. A lesson here and there will not support growth. a noticeable change in your singing voice can only be achieved through consistent lessons and additional practicing on your own.

To read more about creating realistic singing goals, read this short article written by NYC vocal coach, Bob Marks & Professor Elizabeth Gerbi:

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